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Bronze is the mirror of the face,
wine that of the mind.


La Torre

"La Torre" takes its name from an ancient tower that stood, during the Middle Ages, near the same street, in order to monitor the level of underlying Churches river. It is a family business operating in the sector since 1925, arrived today to the fourth generation.
The holdings consist of 20 hectares with 10 cultivated, 3 of woods, and 7 arable. The farmstead is situated in Calvagese della Riviera, common place on the latest western moraine ridges of the Lower Garda, formed during the first ice age, happened 2/3 million years ago, which led to the formation of the Lake Garda and the surrounding moraine amphitheater.
Concerning the activity wine itself, mainly native grapes make wine exclusively from our own production, which will become the wines DOC Garda Classico. All in full respect of the environment and of low production per hectare policy.

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