Garda Classico Groppello DOC

And ‘the most characteristic and typical wine of our production. Derived from the vine (Groppello of Mocasina) that is grown on an area of about 3 ha, Guyot trained and with a density of 5,200 / ha.

Gradazione Alcolica: 12,5%

Of moderate body and affects the nose for the intense fruity aroma, mainly in juveniles, while the taste for pleasant salinity and longevity. Over time the fruitiness fades while you accentuate the spicy aromas and ripe fruit: increases the softness and the taste becomes more velvety, with bitter aftertaste.

Ideal in the combinations with red meat, grilled, roasts and stews, but also accompanies well fish from the lake. It should be served in tulip at the ideal temperature of 18 ° C.